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Hot Summer Hunt III


★☾ °★ ° :. ☾ ☆ ¸. °★☾ °★ ☾ ☆ ☾ ☆ *★
● ☾◑   The Hot Summer Hunt III  ● ☾◑
August 16 – August 31
A Unisex Hunt

It’s that time of year again… blue sparkling water, hot sand under your feet and a cool drink in your hand. It’s the time of year for the sexiest clothes and the sexiest games. It’s another Hot Summer!

A group of top designers has come together to bring you everything you will need to make this the Summer to remember. Clothing, Beachwear, Beach and Pool Toys, Outdoor Furniture…  and so much more! This is a UNISEX HUNT – and every store will offer a gift for a man and one for a woman, or one unisex gift.

Join the Red Silk Hunts group for updates and help.

See you there…  and happy hunting!

001 Reliquia

HINT: Step out here to feel the warmth of the sun.

002 The Strawberry Box

HINT: Please see the in-store hint giver.

003 UN-IZ-EX Clothing Company  – DROPPED FROM HUNT


004 LOoLOo’s Costumes & Platypus for Men

HINT: just skate’n around

005 Image Essentials

HINT: Grab a funboard.   Surf’s Up.


HINT: I am too tired of walking. I guess I will take a nap.

007 Marshmallows

HINT: Be social!

008 Lacrime dell’anima

HINT: If we want to see the sun, sometimes, we need to search! Look over the tree or perhaps with some guidelines or some maps….

009 {simply magik}

HINT:  The sun shines on Magick.

010 !-[LoveFactory]-

HINT: Please see the in-store hint giver.

011 Grumble

HINT: Head up the BEACH then look for the stripes.

012 BelStar Boutique

HINT: Sunny days, Cool Drinks and dipping toes in the water

013 Tribal Burial

HINT: It’s living in a Dirty World

014 Chrome Armory

HINT: It’s all in the kiss!

015 QQ Creations

HINT: Let’s go to the beach

016 Home-Appeal

HINT: Glass of tea anyone?

017 Aster’s Builts, Invitations and Accessories

HINT: “When you came in, did you notice the flowers that are made of lilies? ”

018 :.::Hot Stuff::.:

HINT: Hansel and …

019 *SLAVE* DreSSing RooM

HINT:  Look up!

020 Izzy’s Attic

HINT: The courtyard is lovely this time of year. The butterflies look especially colorful.

021 Khan’s Innovations

HINT: Between the moons.

022 Trinite

HINT: This is a perfect compliment to summer beachwear !!

023 Stitches Creations

HINT: Funny… this certainly does not look like summer… and it’s not very hot.

024 Telsiope’s Couture

HINT: Hot coffee is too hot for an hot summer?

025 ToXiC HiGh

HINT:  My feet get hot if I wear boots in the summer.

026 The Dark Fae

HINT: Nobody here but us twisted cubes.

027 Piddler’s Perch

HINT: How does your garden grow?  Not very well if the potting soil is spilt out onto the ground.  Cleaning it up outside is where I can be found.

028 Bayview Market

HINT: If the heat is getting to you on this Hot Summer hunt, maybe a dive into the water will help cool you down.

029 Enchanted Memories

HINT: Please see in-store hint giver.

030 Celtic Creations

HINT: If I was a Weather Witch I’d make it sunny every day!


HINT: No need to be so formal about it.

032 Moonlight Pointe Creations – DROPPED FROM HUNT


033 Ro!Act Designs

HINT: Look in the Haunted Forest, I am hiding there from you!

034 Brandi’s Intimates

HINT: Eye of the Gateway

035 bees heaven shop

HINT: Splish splash I was taking a bath *sing*

036 Anrod’s Small Mesh Avatar Apparel and Accessories

HINT: Pass the mushmellows.

037 Out of the Trunk

HINT: If you think the umbrella is nice, you should come for a “HOT” dip!

038 Isis Boutique

HINT: Rays glistening brightly through the store.

039 Sin Original

HINT: Join the group get these free.

040 Scott’s Fabrications

HINT: Amongst All the things the are Free The Sun is my favorite! (2nd Floor)

041 Hollywood

HINT: Please see in-store hint giver.

042 LaNoir Soleil Designs

HINT: “These In-Store gifts were hot before I got here, but they try to keep them comfy..”

043 Absolutely Smitten Designs

HINT: Near Sunrise is where you will find your prize.

044 Loordes of London

HINT: Check the bargains!

045 Pink Jello

HINT: Find the co ruler of Celestia

046 Sterling Artistry

HINT: It’s always sunny near the water, even in the shade.

047 BamPu Legacies

(take the round floor TP to WHARF SHOPS, BamPu Legacies is at the landing)

HINT: Water lilies are known to double every 24 hours!

048 Rassasy Foods

HINT: It’s getting hot in here!

049 (In)Discretions

HINT:  You could enjoy a summer afternoon on this (or sharpen your claws on it).

050 Fierce Designs

HINT: The only way is up, or is it?


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